Sensors for different measurement categories

The success of a measure depends on the reliability of the data collection. The HySense® sensors by Hydrotechnik stand for quality and reliability. They are available for diverse measuring ranges, e.g. pressure, temperature, flow and other variables.

Abbreviations for Product Names:

The two first letters at the beginning of the sensor’s name explains the measurement category:

PR = pressure

TE = Temperature

QT = Q = formula symbol of flow, T = Turbine

QG = Q = formula symbol of flow, G = Gear Flow Meter

QO = Q = formula symbol of flow, O = Oval wheel

QL = Q = formula symbol of flow, L = Load

PS = P = Pressure, S = Switch

RS = R = Rotation Speed

TQ = Torque

TP = T = Temperature, P = Pressure

PO = Position

FO = Force

VB = Vibration