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The instruments of the MultiHandy family fulfill the basic requirements to mobile data measurement reliability.
Calculations in real-time can be determined and documented easily.
Therefore, MultiHandy instruments are the ideal entry solutions.

MultiHandy 3020

The MultiHandy 3020 fulfills with its 3 input channels, a rugged housing and a USB port.

The MultiHandy 3025 is identical to the MultiHandy 3020 (link), except with its capacitive keypad and its new control panel. This allows a one-hand-operation and accelerates the scrolling on the different keys and lists.Calculations in real-time can be made on an additional channel. Therefore you can identify easily the pressure difference (delta-p) and document it with the software.


  •    -  flexible: 2 analogue measuring inputs, and 1 frequency measuring input
  •    -  easy to handle: huge keys, illuminated display
  •    -  suited for field application: rugged aluminium housing
  •    -  huge internal memory: for around 1 Million measure values
  •    -  powerful battery supply: measuring the whole day without charging
  •    -  intuitive operations: with capacitive keypad


MultiHandy 2025

Your mission: Measure precisely complex modern hydraulic system data!

You have the perfect Instrument: The new MultiHandy 2025.

Achieve your target –  measuring success – by stepping into Hydrotechnik’s world of digital measurement technology


  •    -  easy & fast: connect, measure, read & record: Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM etc
  •    -  flexible & multifunctional: measure most industrial sensor inputs - both analogue and frequency
  •    -  digital & powerful: measured pressure peaks easily stored and recalled
  •    -  precise and sustainable: made to the highest standards to suit your environment
  •    -  fast & ready: fast data transmission for accurate recording & sharing of key events

Our new MH 2025 will be delivered in a set adapted to your needs, including two PR 109 / PR 509 pressure sensors