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PR 100 Data Sheet 

Pressure Sensor HySense® PR 100

The HySense® PR 100 with its high-grade steel membrane and stainless steel housing, is an extensively proven pressure sensor for mobile applications. It is available with Hydrotechnik Intelligent Sensor Detection System (ISDS), the automatic sensor detection system. When connected to Hydrotechnik Data recorders, the identification and calibration information is related to the data recorder when the unit is powered up. This maximises the accuracy for the sensor, as the factory tested values are set into the data recorder channel.

They operate on a piezoresistive cell principle. Piezoresistive materials change resistance to flow of a current when compressed or strained. A "Wheatstone bridge" runs a small current through the cell and measures the returned current to determine the current change. This is then translated as a pressure change.

  •    -  piezoresistive pressure sensor
  •    -  mechanicaL connection: G1/4” ISO 228 male with integrated 0.6mm snubber for measure range ≥ 0 to 60 bar
  •    -  electrical connection: M16 x 0.75 circular, 6 pole, male
  •    -  output signal: 0…20 mA,4…20 mA
  •    -  accuracy @ RT +25°C is up to 0.2%FS with ISDS

Available in several pressure ranges from -1 to 1000 bar (other pressures available on request).

 4-20 mA colour  range
 3403-29-S-E5.37 - 0…1000bar
 3403-18-S-E5.37 Green 0…600bar
 3403-15-S-E5.37 Blue 0…400bar
 3403-17-S-E5.37 Yellow 0…250bar
 3403-21-S-E5.37 Orange 0…60bar
 3403-32-S-E5.37 Red -1…6bar