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PR 190 Data Sheet 

Pressure Sensor HySense® PR 190

Pressure sensor HySense® PR 190 The HySense® PR 190 with its high-grade steel membrane, is a pressure sensor for mobile applications. Optionally, it is available with Hydrotechnik ISDS, the automatic sensor detection system. The HySense® PR 140 has a protection type of IP 68 K. It has an open ended, 4 wires connection with connection cable of 1.5 meter.

They operate on a piezoresistive cell principle. Piezoresistive materials change resistance to flow of a current when compressed or strained. A "Wheatstone bridge" runs a small current through the cell and measures the returned current to determine the current change. This is then translated as a pressure change.

  •    -  piezoresistive pressure sensor
  •    -  mechanical connection: Pressure connector ISO 228 G1/4
  •    -  electrical connection: Open cable end
  •    -  wide range of output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 VDC, 0…5 VDC
  •    -  accuracy @ RT +25°C is up to 0.5%FS


Available in several pressure ranges from -1 to 1000 bar.

 4 - 20 mA  0 - 10 VDC  0 - 5 VDC
 pin assignment A pin assignment S range  pin assignment A  pin assignment S range  pin assignment A range
-  3403-18-D6.37S  0…600bar  3403-18-D6.39* - 0…600bar 3403-26-D5.38* 0…6bar
 3403-15-D6.37(MOQ)  3403-15-D6.37S  0…400bar  3403-17-D6.39* - 0…250bar    
 3403-17-D6.37*  3403-17-D6.37S  0…250bar -  3403-16-D6.39S* 0…100bar    
-  3403-16-D6.37S(MOQ)  0…100bar  3403-21-D6.39* - 0…60bar    
-  3403-21-D6.37S  0…60bar  3403-32-D6.39* - -1…6bar    
-  3403-26-D6.37S  0…10bar          
-  3403-32-D6.37S  -1…6bar