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Pressure Sensors

Pressure is a central factor in fluid technology. By measuring the pressure, basic settings in systems and installations can be made;  it is also very important for diagnosis of the complete system. Hydrotechnik offers a broad range of piezoresistive sensors. By deformation of a metal membrane, the electrical resistance changes at the Piezoresistive sensors. This allows for determination of pressure values and dynamic changes. The following sensors are classified according to the protection type. This means how much they are suited for different environmental conditions, thus the classification in the international protection-codes, “IP”.      

PR 100   PR 101   PR 110
PR 120   PR 126   PR 130 D7
PR 130 I5 BZ PR 130 I5 PR 130 J5
PR 140 PR 150 D5 PR 180 C4
PR 180 G6   PR 190   PR 280
PR 300   PR 310   PR 400