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PR 101 Data Sheet 

Pressure Sensor HySense® PR 101

The HySense® PR 101 with its high-grade steel membrane, is a combination of the ISDS pressure sensor PR 110 and the original Minimess® direct connector. With the installation and dismantling fasteners, the smaller dimensions, and minimal connections, it minimizes the risk for leakages. The HySense® PR 101 reaches a protection type of IP 65. It is available in several pressure ranges from -1 to 600 bar. As an electrical measuring connector, it has a 6 pole device connector, M16 x 0.75.

  •    -  piezoresistive pressure sensor
  •    -  pressure connector MINIMESS® direct connector, series 1620
  •    -  circular connectors M16 x 0.75
  •    -  output signal: 0…20 mA