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FO 110 Data Sheet

Temperature Sensor HySense® FO 110

The force sensor HySense® FO 110 is a shear force sensor according the deflecting beam principle. Since a force and the deflection of a beam is proportional, this sensor is able to determine a force by measuring its elongation or change in length. Due to its compact design, these traction-pressure force sensors can be used in the laboratory, as well as in industrial environments. Made with corrosion-proof steel, HySense® FO 110 have a standardized nominal characteristic value. They can be mounted easily allowing simple integration into existing structures. It is available for several measurement ranges from 0-20 kN.

Measuring / collection of e.g.


  •    -  moulding and insertion forces
  •    -  spring forces
  •    -  cutting forces
  •    -  force and force control during assembly
  •    -  pressing forces in drilling machines
FO 110