Product Catalogue.Turning Power into Motion

Multiple Units

Double, Tandem and Multiple pumps

For open and closed loop operation

  • Set up by combining our variable displacement pumps and self-regulating pumps. They can either supply larger volume flows or feed different circuits.
  • The rated size and the type of the pump for open or closed circuits are variable. The sequential arrangement is determined by the maximum torque which can be transferred.
  • Due to their swashplate design our motors can also be combined to form double and tandem motors.


Design characteristics HPR double pumps

  •    -  two pumps of the same rated size, fitted back-to-back
  •    -  common port plate housing
  •    -  single or dual circuit

Design characteristics tandem and multiple pumps

  •    -  two or more pumps, fitted face-to-back
  •    -  open and/or closed circuit
  •    -  tandem pumps: Pumps of the same type
  •    -  multiple pumps: Pumps of different types

Product advantages double, tandem and multiple pumps

  •    -  only one drive shaft required
  •    -  no splitter box required for the pumps
  •    -  compact design
  •    -  individual control of each single pump
  •    -  no adverse influence on functionality of the single rotating groups
  •    -  advantages such as high dynamics and precise control remain in full

Design characteristics HMV double motors

  •    -  two motors of the same rated size, fitted back-to-back
  •    -  common ports for high pressure, servo-and control pressure
  •    -  can be controlled individually or together
  •    -  both motors can swivelled to 0 cc/rev

Product advantages double motors

  •    -  high conversion range for smooth acceleration
  •    -  simplified drive train
  •    -  high tractive effort and high final speed
  •    -  fast control response and high starting torque

Design characteristics tandem motors

  •    -  two motors of the same type, fitted face-to-back
  •    -  separate ports, individual control possible
  •    -  both motors can swivelled to 0cc/rev

Product advantages tandem motors

  •    -  double torque with the same gearbox interface by using the same flange as with the single motor
  •    -  direct installation in the drive train, gearbox can be omitted
  •    -  increased rotating speed and narrower dimensions than for single motors of the same nominal size in swash plate or bent axis design