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Configurable control, Safety relatedapplications, robust against disturbance

Electronic products from Linde can be used in open circuit and closed circuit hydraulic drive systems, as well as in electric drive systems. The electronic control units are best matched for the specific components of the drive train. They transfer the driver‘s commands reliably to the components and grant optimal power usage and maximum efficiency of the overall system.

Matched sensors and peripherial equipment complete the system with proven Linde quality and robustness.

Linde controllers from the LINC series are characterised by high mechanical and electrical stability. The core of the components is formed by a function and safety controller. LINC control units are used on their own or in combination with one another, both for hydraulic and electric drives and combinations of both drive types. In addition to the drive components joysticks, pedals and the combustion engine can be integrated into the regulation concept. Thanks to efficient mode selection and an increase of user-friendliness, they achieve enhanced power utilisation and thus also reduce pollutant and noise emissions.


For open and closed loop applications
Sensors & Actuators