Product Catalogue.Turning Power into Motion


LSINTRONIC   -  all advantages of the LSC valve technology

Electronic controls of the LinTronic Program take advantage of the most modern CAN-Bus technology. In conjunction with Linde hydraulic components and peripheral equipment the LINC electronic control units offer an optimum vehicle management in mobile hydraulics for the most diversified fields of application. By choosing economical modes of operation and increased user-friendliness they provide better exploitation of performance and at the same time reduce emissions.

Joystick, electronic CEH80

  •    -  2-way/4-way electronic control stick, transverse axis spring centred, brake optional, additional switch function in handle, this product is suited for console mounting

Joystick LLC

  •    -  potentiometer joystick, stabilized voltage supply 5 V-15 V, spring-centred, suitable for armrest mounting, various versions, e.g. single lever, 4-way version available

Throttle / inch pedal CEH 20

  •    -  drive pedal or inch pedal for reduction of reference value, stabilized supply voltage 5 V-15 V, robust die cast console

F-N-B travel direction switch CEH 25

  •    -  3 latching positions for forward, neutral and reverse