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Precision x Dynamics x Reliability = Benefit

Your ‘Excellence at work’ is our claim.


With future-oriented technology Linde wishes to more than just come up to this claim. For best results and top performance we dedicate our know-how and experience to the benefit of long lasting partnerships alongside the success of our clients.

Innovative technology with high competitiveness forms the basis of standard solutions and new products. Focused, competent and forward-looking, we turn this into custom-tailored drive technology. In so doing, we include customer requirements like dynamic travel behaviour, improved performance and precise machine control in creating new products.

Efficient and compact drives with high longevity are the final result of this close cooperation which starts from the first product idea via commissioning all the way up through to series production back up.


Adaptive Electro-Hydraulic Control Valve
Simple, Intuitive Operation for Optimum Efficiency
Provides additional energy-saving function
Variable displacement double motor for open and closed circuit operation
Precise and smooth
Area of Application 40 - 300 kW
Noise Optimisation
Shift Actuator for Shift in Motion
Higher power density for hydrostatic propel drives