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Hydraulic Start-Stop System

Provides additional energy-saving function

Product Advantages.

  •    -  works without the need for a separate hydrostatic unit and with few additional components
  •    -  almost unchanged axial installation space
  •    -  fast starting procedure



  •    -  medium pressure pump MPR 50
  •    -  hydraulic retarder
  •    -  hydraulic accumulator
  •    -  valve block
  •    -  check valve


Thanks to the use of an MPR50 medium-pressure pump instead of a gear pump, Linde has already been able to achieve fuel savings of around 20% in relevant comparable vehicles. The hydraulic start/stop system for restarting the machine at operating temperature builds on this and opens up further saving potential.

The working hydraulics pump charges an accumulator during operation via the retarder and works as a starter motor when charged with the accumulator pressure on the suction side. The criteria for shutting off and restarting the diesel engine are stored in the electronic control unit. These criteria can be adapted to the individual demands of the specific machine and manufacturer in order to achieve the acceptance of machine operator for the system. The size of the accumulator also varies from machine to machine and is determined by the intended speed to which the diesel is started. No wear of components will endanger the availability of this feature.

Exemplary calculations (using a 50-kW machine, a fuel consumption of 1.5 l/h, 30% idling and 1000 operating hours per year) show that one active accumulator charging procedure—i.e. without using energy from the deceleration for example—already pays for itself after 2.5 seconds engine shut off time, and that the system can thus save around 450 litres of diesel per year.

The system features a modular design. If an MPR is already used as the implement pump alongside a retarder, only a check valve and two additional components are needed for the start/stop functions: a valve block and a hydraulic accumulator. These weigh very little and can also be positioned anywhere in the machine. As a result, the manufacturer can simply build the start/stop option into the production process without the need for much additional work or storage.

Power Range

30 – 80 kW