Testpoints / Couplings


To couple under pressure means to have safe access to a running hydraulic system. This is possible within the Minimess®-test point. A time-consuming shutting down of the system is not needed. Minimess® test points can be installed easily and are available in numerous variants and versions. Hydrotechnik manufactures Minimess® test points in four screw series: 1620, 1615, 1604, and 1215.

images/hydro/Minimess/minimess1620.png images/hydro/Minimess/minimess1620.png images/hydro/Minimess/minimess1604.png images/hydro/Minimess/minimess1215.png
Screw Series 1620 Screw Series 1615 Screw Series 1604 Screw Series 1215