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The Minimess® Testpoint 1620 was developed to enable pressure monitoring, exhaust, control, charging, venting and sampling of the medium while under pressure. It allows an easy connection of instruments and sensors. By its unique elastic soft sealing technology it ensures 100% leakage free coupling while under system pressure. Available sealing materials are NRB, FKM and EPDM. The 1620 series testpoint is the most common on the market because it can be applied to an extremely wide variety of applications. In addition the standard range has a wide variety of metric, SAE, and international threads available for the process connection. Screw Series 1620 is available in steel and stainless steel.


     Series 1620 Form B Form C Form E Form F Form G Form H


DKO Combi Bulkhead test point both ends 90° swivel Bulkhead
DKO tee 37° flared fitting DKO - heavy series DKO
ORFS 90° direct pressure gauge Gauge  Temperature