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We offer a huge range of hydraulic pressure test kits that are catered to a wide variety of users & thread variants. Each kit contains all the necessary equipment, including analogue pressure gauges that are suitable for all test point variants and a large selection of pipe adaptors tailored to suit mostly all hydraulic machines or systems. At the heart of these kits are the Minimess pressure gauges which are designed with a life time leak free guarantee for effective pressure testing.

Choose from the following standard Minimess 1620 Test Kits or contact us for any special tailored requirements.

  •    -  Minimess 1620 Low Cost Pressure Test Kit
  •    -  Minimess 1620 BSP Pressure Test Kit
  •    -  Minimess Universal Pressure Test Kit
  •    -  Minimess 1620 JIC Pressure Test Kit
  •    -  Minimess 1620 Metric Pressure Test Kit
  •    -  Minimess 1620 ORFS Pressure Test Kit


Low Cost Pressure Test Kit BSP Pressure Test Kit Metric Pressure Test Kit JIC Pressure Test Kit
ORFS Pressure Test Kit Universal Minimess Pressure test kit