Digital Gauge Kit

Digital pressure gauges

Accurate digital pressure testing provides the user with pressure readings aiding diagnosing hydraulic faults. This kit is supplied with a 75mm diameter digital pressure gauge able to read the following pressures: 0 to 60, 250 & 600 bar. The 4 digit LCD readout with supplementary 0 to 100% bar graph allows you to accurately archive pressure results in the built in Min/Max pressure memory. The kit is packed with Minimess Test Points and Microbore test hoses for pressure testing a variety of applications with the Minimess Life Time Leak Free Guarantee.

The ideal low cost solution to digital pressure testing. With display of pressure and pressure peaks, digital pressure gauges offer excellent accuracy and peak capture which a standard pressure gauge simply could not provide. Min/Maximum values displayed with each test. Supplied in Minimess Pressure test kit to enable instant testing on most systems.

  •    -  Great accuracy
  •    -  Easy to read
  •    -  Rotate display
  •    -  Peak min/max storage
  •    -  Low cost
Digital Pressure Testing Kit