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The MultiBox is a “smart” measuring box for the use with a PC or Laptop. It is available in three versions and can be used with the whole Hydrotechnik product portfolio. The basic version is the MultiBox 3060. It is a measuring box without memory which and can be operated without power pack. It gets its power supply via a USB-port from the PC/Laptop. The MultiBox 3061 has an internal memory and due to its rugged design it is very well suited for field measurements and tests under difficult environmental conditions. With its Ethernet interface, the MultiBox 3065 can be integrated into network architectures and programmed and operated with the HYDRO work.

Multibox 3060/3061/3065 Features

  •    -  Four analog inputs
  •    -  High-resolution A/D-converter
  •    -  Frequency input
  •    -  Two calculated channels
  •    -  Power supply via USB or external power pack
  •    -  Sensor power supply
  •    -  Internal memory (only MultiBox 3061/3065)
  •    -  Good protection against environmental influences
    MB 3065
    MB 3061
    MB 3060

All units come with the new HYDROwork analysis software.

  •    -  Measured value display numerically, as line diagram or in gauge style
  •    -  Display change with one click
  •    -  Live data memory with review and memory function
  •    -  Analyse functions with zooming and scrolling
  •    -  Simple and comfortable management of display,
  •    -  Memory and device options
  •    -  Several trigger options for the automatic recording of important events

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