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Data Recorders
MultiXtend A
MultiXtend f - 1 Channel
MultiXtend f - 4 Channels
MultiXtend NPN
MultiXtend Split
MultiXtend Thermo - j
MultiXtend Thermo - k
MultiXtend Trigger
MultiXtend UI - 2A
MultiXtend UI - 4A

The product family MultiXtend includes handy, additional devices to expand the instruments of MultiSystem. Theses tools support you with further input connections for sensors with analog or frequency input signals. MultiXtend allows measuring electrical measurements or moreover the connection with thermo elements.


Analogue - Xtend
4 Analogue Channels
Bluetooth - Xtend
Remote Signal Operation
Frequency - Xtend 1 Channel
1 Frequency Channel
Frequency - Xtend 4 Channels
R4 Frequency Channels
NPN - Xtend
Convert NPN Signals
Split - Xtend
Single to Dual Channels
UI - Extend
Current and Voltage Signals
Thermal - Xtend
4 Thermal Channels
Thermal - Xtend
1 Thermal Channel
LAN - Extend
Network Connection
Trigger - Xtend
4 Trigger Inputs