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PO 180 Data Sheet

Position Sensor HySense® PO 180

The position sensor HySense® PO 180 works on the measuring wire principle. It can be easily mounted and does not need linear guiding. At the measuring wire principle, a specially manufactured and calibrated wire is tightly wound around a high-precision drum that is driven against the pulled direction by a spring motor. Through the detection of the winding process the sensor converts the linear movement into an electrical signal. All mechanical and electronic components are protected by a solid casing. It is available for several measurement ranges from 0-3000 mm.

Areas of application could be e. g.:


  •    -  Load cranes
  •    -  Hydraulic presses

Your benefit at a glance:

  •    -  Compact
  •    -  High resolution and accuracy
  •    -  High dynamic
  •    -  Insensitive to environmental influences 

Attention should be paid to:

The exit angle of the wire from casing must be 90°, or there may be friction between the measuring wire and the casing, causing wear and tear. The top of the sensor should be protected against dirt and splash water and the measuring wire should not be positioned next to a machine or device part. The wire should never be loosened suddenly to avoid retraction into the casing.

PO 180