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Excavator Pipe-Rupture Valve ESV



Excavator pipe-rupture valves prevent uncontrolled cylinder movement in the event that a pipe or hose bursts. The ESV valve fulfills all of the requirements of the ISO 8643  and EN 474-5 standards for excavators.


  •    -  Standard construction, direct operated 
  •    -  Pressure relief valve is unaffected by back pressure
  •    -  Only a drain line is needed; no large tank line necessary
  •    -  Various configurations available

Technical Data

Type Picture Nominal flow rate l/min Operating pressure bar Data Sheet
ESV 250/350/500* 420 ESV-16,20,25 300-P-9050075

* Larger models - contact Bucher Hydraulics




Single installation

Tandem arrangement (simplified)



  •    -  Excavators
  •    -  Excavator-loaders 
  •    -  Front loaders 
  •    -  Rear loaders