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Differential Lock Valve: MT..DVD for 3 motors / MT..DVV for 4 motors



The differential lock valve is intended for use in either open- or closed-loop hydrostatic drives with parallel-connected hydraulic motors.

When the lock valve is switched OFF, the inlet flow can divide itself between the motors in any required manner. When the lock valve is switched ON, the motors are compelled to operate at the same speed. This arrangement prevents any hydraulic wheel motor from spinning in conditions of poor traction.

Balancing orifices between the outlets A, B and C can prevent torque build-up between wheels in these circumstances.


  •    -  Robust and reliable
  •    -  These valves do not require maintenance. This lowers costs and reduces the risk of a system failure
  •    -  Precision operation without the use of costly electronics
  •    -  Reliable, uniform motion of the wheel-drives being controlled

Technical Data

Type Picture Nominal size Flow rate, max. l/min Opening Pressures bar Nominal flow rate l/min Division ratio Voltage V DC Enclosure prot. Data Sheet
MT08DVV... 8 100 420 25/50/75/100 1:1:1 12/24 IP65 MTxDVV 100-P-000171
MT16DVV... 16 250 420 120/160/200/250 1:1:1 12/24 IP65 MTxDVV 100-P-000171



Hydraulic operation


Electro-hydraulic operation



  •    -  Agricultural machinery
  •    -  Construction Machines
  •    -  General mechanical engineering
  •    -  Plant engineering