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Internal Gear Flow Divider QXT



Series QXT internal flow dividers divide a flow into as many as four portions.

The division ratios are constant and are unaffected by the loads at the actuators.

They can be used, for example, to provide synchronised movement of unequally loaded cylinders. Several hydraulic motors can be driven at the same speed, irrespective of their external loads.


  •    -  High division accuracy
  •    -  A very wide range of division ratios is available
  •    -  The inlet flow can be divided into as many as four portions
  •    -  High efficiency
  •    -  Long service life
  •    -  Also suitable for special fluids


Technical Data

Type Picture Outlet displacement cm³/rev Min. speed rpm Speed max. rpm Continuous pressure max. bar Peak pressure bar Divided flows Viscosity range mm²/s Division accuracy % Data Sheet
QXT 5 - 250 400 6300 250 300 2, 3 OR 4 10 - 300 >98 QXT_100-P-000059


  •    -  Air conditions
  •    -  Track laying machinery
  •    -  Waste compactors
  •    -  Hydraulic presses