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Proportional Directional Valves LCV




The LCV valve series is designed for tractors and similar applications. The valves can be controlled either mechanically with a Bowden cable or electromechanically with a stepper motor (CAN actuator). Valves sections with different control operators can be combined in one block. Push-in couplings can be screwed directly into the control block without requiring additional adapters in the directional sections.


  •    -  Energy-optimised design
  •    -  Cost-optimised
  •    -  Extremely low internal leakage
  •    -  Compact valve-block solution with low pressure losses

Technical Data

Type Picture Nominal flow rate, max. l/min Actuator flow rate, max. l/min Max. inlet pressure (P) bar Max. work port press. bar Tank line pressure, max. bar Viscosity range mm²/s Voltage V DC Data Sheet
LCV 160 120 250 250 40 7 - 40,000 12 / 24 LCV 100-P-0000161



  •    - Tractors
  •    - Agricultural machines
  •    - Forestry machines
  •    - Municipal vehicles