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Seat Valves, SVH04



These low-weight (aluminium) seat valve blocks are used to control single- or double acting cylinders. They are applied where high levels of leaktightness are required. The design uses a solenoid operated, direct acting, 2/2 bi-directional seat valve. They close the flow path to or from hydraulic actuators with virtually zero leakage.



  •    -  Zero leakage 
  •    -  Light-weight construction
  •    -  Compact
  •    -  Economical


Technical Data


Type Picture Nominal flow rate l/min Operating pressure Bar Oil temperature °C Viscosity range mm²/s Voltage V DC Power consumption W Data sheet
SVH04 20
-20...+80 10-300 12 / 24 27 SVH04 100-P-000043


  •    -  Agricultural machinery
  •    -  Municipal equipment
  •    -  Transportation and materials handling
  •    -  General mechanical engineering


SVH04M228S.-..   SVH04M668S.-..

Intermediate sections

SVH04Z21**.-...   SVH04Z22**.-...

End sections

SVH04A21**.-...   SVH04A22**.-...