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Priority Valve



Priority valves are used to provide a hydraulic function in a load sensing system with a priority flow. In principle, they operate like a 3-way flow control valve that always supplies the actuator that has priority with the required flow rate, and passes the remaining flow to other actuators. In an under-supply situation, the actuators without priority are no longer supplied.


  •    -  Load-independent supply to the priority function
  •    -  Safe and reliable supply to the priority circuit
  •    -  Compact design and construction


Technical Data


Type Picture Operating pressure Bar Oil temperature °C Viscosity range mm²/s Max. flow rate l/min Data sheet
Priority Valve 350 -20...+80 10-250 250 Priority Valve


  •    -  Agricultural machinery
  •    -  Forrestry machines
  •    -  Construction equipment