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Push-out Cylinders



Push-out cylinders are double-acting cylinders. On mobile cranes they extend the stabiliser outriggers, and on crawler machines they push the whole track outwards, thereby increasing the stability.


  •    -  Zero leakage 
  •    -  Light-weight construction
  •    -  Compact
  •    -  Economical

Technical Data

Piston diameter mm Rod diameter mm Stroke length mm Operating pressure bar Port sizes
50…90 40…60 2500 250 unrestricted

The above details are guideline values taken from previously developed products. If your requirements do not fit into this framework, we will find the best solution for your application.


  •    -  Double-acting cylinder
  •    -  With optional version for low-temperature service
  •    -  Rod is hard-chrome-plated to size
  •    -  Model with spherical bearings or bushings as required


  •    -  Mobile cranes
  •    -  Crawler machines