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QT118 Data Sheet

Pressure Sensor HySense® QT 118

The turbine volume flow meter HySense® QT functions according to the flow principle. A medium flow through a tube in an axial direction and makes the turbine wheel turning. The single turns are caught by a signal pick-up which changes the signals in digital impulses. HySense® QT turbine volume flow meters are available in different measurement ranges from 1 until 1000 l/min. Model QT 118 has been adapted for increased IP protection.

Your benefit at a glance:

  •    -  easy to handle: Good reliability, low error limits
  •    -  easy to install
  •    -  low energy loss, long life
  •    -  real-time information
  •    -  short response time
  •    -  linearisation in the measuring instrument
  •    -  low flow resistance, suitable for lots of media
  •    -  low weight, small dimensions and arbitrary mounting position
  •    -  high media temperature and working pressure up to 5801 psi
  •    -  small delta-P (differential pressure)
  •    -  media viscosity up to 270 mm2/s (cSt)

  •    -  AMP connectors, 3 poles, male acc. to DIN 72585
 part number connection range
 31N7-01-35.030 G1/4" 1…20lpm
 31N7-70-35.030 G3/4" 2…75lpm
 31N7-71-35.030 G1" 9…300lpm
 31N7-72-35.030 G1 1/4" 16…600lpm





Accessories and Spare parts.

 part number  description
 3403-xx-S-E5.37  Pressure sensor  HySense PR 100, 4…20mA, IP67 (click here for range)
 34P3-xx-S-01.37A2  Pressure sensor  HySense PR 400, 4…20mA, IP67 (click here for range)
 3408-22D0-D631Z1S  Temperature sensor  HySense TE 300, 4…20mA, IP67, -50…+200°C
 2103-07-18.62N  Direct connection straight  MINIMESS® series 1620, ISO228-G ¼“ female