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QT 2xx Data Sheet

Pressure Sensor HySense® QT 200 / 210 / 206

The turbine volume flow meter HySense® QT functions according to the flow principle. A medium flow through a tube in an axial direction and makes the turbine wheel turning. The single turns are caught by a signal pick-up which changes the signals in digital impulses. HySense® QT turbine volume flow meters are available in different measurement ranges from 1 until 1000 l/min. Model QT 200 is suitable for water. Available with frequency (square wave signal), analogue (4 ... 20mA) or CAN output. Model's QT 200 / 210  are available with / without ISDS (Intelligent Sensor Detection System). Together with Hydrotechnik’s diagnostic test equipment, the intelligent sensor detection system (ISDS) ensures that testing is done quickly and efficiently and within the test parameters.

Your benefit at a glance:

  •    -  stainless Steel body, passivated
  •    -  easy to handle: Good reliability, low error limits
  •    -  easy to install
  •    -  low energy loss, long life
  •    -  real-time information
  •    -  short response time
  •    -  linearisation in the measuring instrument
  •    -  low flow resistance, suitable for lots of media
  •    -  low weight, small dimensions and arbitrary mounting position
  •    -  high media temperature and working pressure up to 6000 psi
  •    -  small delta-P (differential pressure)
  •    -  media viscosity up to 1…30 (cSt)


  •    -  QT 200 / QT 210 : Circular connectors M16 x 0.75 with screw-locking Layout 06-a, 6 poles, male IEC / DIN EN 61076-2-106
  •    -  QT 206 : Circular connectors M12 x 1 with screw-locking A-coding, 5 poles, male IEC / DIN EN 61076-2-101
  •    -  fluid compatability : Hydraulic oils, mineral oil based fluids, clear water and watercontaining liquids (HFA/HFC)

Available in several flow ranges from 1 to 600 LPM.

 part number connection range
 33VC-01-35.V012G G1/4" 1…10lpm
 33V7-77-35.V012G G3/4" 5…100lpm
 33V7-78-35.V012G G1" 15…300lpm
 33V7-79-35.V012G G1 1/4" 25…600lpm




 Accessories and Spare parts.

 part number  description
 8824-S1-02.50S  measuring cable frequency / 4…20mA / ISDS (standard) 2.5 m for turbine 33V7-… and 33J7-... with and without ISDS,  M16 6-pole connector – 6-pole M16 socket
 3403-xx-S-E5.37  Pressure sensor  HySense PR 100, 4…20mA, IP67 (click here for range)
 34P3-xx-S-01.37A2  Pressure sensor  HySense PR 400, 4…20mA, IP67 (click here for range)
 3408-22D0-D631Z1S  Temperature sensor  HySense TE 300, 4…20mA, IP67, -50…+200°C
 2103-07-18.62N  Direct connection straight  MINIMESS® series 1620, ISO228-G ¼“ female