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QO 200 Data Sheet

Flow Volume Sensor HySense® QO 200

The oval wheel counters QO 200 are built up modularly to make them suitable for a broad range of applications. They are very robust and user-friendly as a result of their simplicity

Your benefit at a glance:

  •    -  high measuring accuracy
  •    -  suitable for lots of media
  •    -  low weight
  •    -  independent of viscosity
  •    -  good life expectancy
  •    -  small dimensions

 part number output signal range
 F430-16-13.31 REED 0.2…2.0lpm
 F440-16-13.31 NPN 0.2…2.0lpm
 F230-16-13.31 REED 0.5…5.0lpm
 F240-16-13.31 NPN 0.5…5.0lpm
 F330-16-13.31 REED 1.0…10lpm
 F340-16-13.31 NPN 1.0…10lpm