CX 197

Measuring manifold for oil condition monitoring

Measured variable: particle monitor, viscosity, rel. oil humidity, rel. dielectric number, conductivity and temperature

The measuring manifold CX 197 is an intelligent measuring system equipped with a particle monitor Patrick, a viscosity sensor CV100 and a humidity sensor CM100, which can also be used separately.

Combined with the measuring devices MultiSystem 5060 Plus and MultiSystem 5070, test data from various systems can be evaluated and the change in the oil condition can be illustrated. This information can be used to prevent failures and optimally plan installation work. Minimess® test points 1620 allow leak-free connection to hydraulic systems.

  •    -  data acquisition / analysis with MultiSystem 5060 Plus / 5070
  •    -  RS232/CANopen Interfaces
  •    -  Minimess® test point 1620
  •    -  assembly between pressure line and return line