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Shift Actuator for Shift in Motion

The use of hydraulic cylinders for shifting gears requires not only fast and precise shifting processes, but also defined and electronically sensable rest positions as well as a defined behavior in case of system failure. The actuator from Linde Hydraulics combines all these properties and accommodates them in a robust and compact housing. Together with the shift rod, which is prepared to accommodate conventional connections, all requirements for easy implementation are met. More information can be found on the "Shift in Motion" page.


  •    -  Defined and exact switching operations
  •    -  Small space requirement and high reliability
  •    -  Easy implementation in conventional gearboxes

Design characteristics

  •    -  Electro-hydraulic multi-position cylinder (3 positions)
  •    -  Prepared for mounting of clevis or spherical head
  •    -  Simple and robust design