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SPU Noise Optimization

Legal emission regulations force manufacturers of mobile machinery to optimize the noise emission of their products. Since secondary measures tend to be expensive and less efficient Linde prefers to fight the noise where it is generated: by optimally connecting an additional volume directly next to the commutation of the HPR-02 pump, Linde Hydraulics invented the SPU silencer. The adaptive SPU reduces flow and pressure pulsations in the regulating pump over the entire range of operation – without loss of power. Compared to a customary variable pump, an HPR-02 with SPU reduces pulsation level by up to 70 %, independently of pressure, speed and temperature! The pulsations transmitted to system components and machine structure are significantly less, making the machine quieter.



  •    -  low noise level inside the cabin and outside: obvious relief for driver and environment
  •    -  no need of costly measures for additional noise dampening
  •    -  no effect on function and performance
  •    -  simple and robust design
  •    -  self-adapting wide scale reduction of pulsation over the whole range of operation: independent of pressure, speed and temperature
  •    -  significantly reduced noise peaks
  •    -  minor increase of weight and mounting space
  •    -  immediately usable, maintenance-free