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Patrick in the box

Patrick In The Box - Particle Counter

Optical particle monitor - Measuring principle : light obscuration

For measuring and monitoring particle contamination in hydraulic systems, or direct from bottle samples.

Use with hydraulic oils and other mineral-based oils.

The portable particle monitor, determines and monitors the contamination level of your hydraulic systems or oil sample.

By direct connection to Minimess® test points or by means of offline sampling, the measuring device defines the oils contamination class according to ISO4406, SAE AS4059, NAS1638 or GOST17216. The particle monitor is calibrated with test dust in accordance with ISO 11943 standards. With Patrick, the contamination levels and the trend of the cleanliness of fluids can be observed. It consists of a flow-through cell, a laser and a photodiode. The indication of the cleanliness level is either in accordance with ISO4406: 99 or SAE AS4059.

Measurement of contamination in hydraulic and oil industry with non-aggressive fluids. By continuous monitoring of the purity, changes can be detected very quickly.

  •    -  data transmission via CAN, USB (adapter), or RS-232
  •    -  4...20 mA output signal
  •    -  integrated hour-meter
  •    -  viscosity independent in terms of the flow rate
  •    -  IP 65
  •    -  ± 90° rotating display
  •    -  internal storage of 3072 measurements
  •    -  direct connection into pressure system when using pressure reducing valve 5117-06-20.00
  •    -  built-in power supply and integrated pump
  •    -  optimized for use with MS 5060Plus, MS 5070, MS 4070 and HydroCom 6